EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise Full Keymaker

EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise adalah software yang dapat membantu brada untuk membuat installan atau setupan berupa MSI, dengan fitur yang familiar dan mudah digunakan brada tidak akan kesulitan menggunakan software yang satu ini.

Menciptakan paket installasi cobalah dengan software EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise, dengan software ini brada tidak harus mengerti tentang pemrograman karena sekali lagi mudah dan familiar.

Key features of EMCO MSI Package Builder:
- Support for environment variables, allowing you to create packages for systems with different configurations.
- Decompiling and editing of existing MSI files.
- Control function overwrite files.
- Support for file attributes.
- Support for system directories.
- Installation and operation of services of Windows. Ability to start, stop, delete the specific service.
- Convert EXE files in the installation MSI.

EMCO MSI Package Builder is a must tool for Network Administrators who want to create custom installation files for their clients when installing different applications on their machines. EMCO MSI Package Builder allows you to build custom MSI installation packages in order to satisfy your requirements. You can now create your custom installations within a few minutes using EMCO MSI Package Builder without any complex scripting; a truly visual MSI builder. You can create your installations with just a few mouse clicks; all you need to know is the details about the installation that you want to bundle into a package. EMCO MSI Package Builder provides a project based interface that makes it easy for you to manage different MSI installation projects. It also enables you to capture an installation file and build your own customized installation based on it.

Here are some key features of "EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise":
· Real-time monitoring of existing installations and applications to create your own MSI packages from monitoring results
· Visual creation of MSI packages does not require programming
· System variable support, which enable you to install the created MSI on computers with different system configurations
· Decompiling and editing of existing MSI files
· Option to control file overwriting
· File attributes support
· Localized user interface and help files

Supported Platforms:
· Windows 2000 (with SP4 or later), Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 x64, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64

· Administrative rights on the local computer
· Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 (3.5 SP1 recommended)

What's new in EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise

New and improved features:
Features below were firstly introduced or significantly improved in this release:
· Added preview of System Folders locations on the Machine where MSI Package Builder is running

Resolved issues:
·. NET applications may stop working after installing of an MSI packages created using the Live Monitoring technology in the specific environments

Language / Language: English / english
OC / OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 2003/2008 / Windows 7
Medicine: Keymaker
Size: 12.9 MB

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