Kingsoft Office 2012 Professional v8.1.0.301 Full Crack

The Best Alternative Kingsoft Office 2012 is a full-featured office productivity suite which includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation, and Kingsoft Spreadsheets which are the three basic but essential applications to help you easily create professional documents without retraining process. With its innovative applications, Kingsoft Office is the best alternative to Microsoft Office and it offers quality features at an affordable price.

Strong Compatibility
Kingsoft Office is fully compatible with Microsoft Office formats that you can share everything you create in Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets with anyone on a Microsoft Office. It supports for various Microsoft OS as well as the latest Window 7. A noteworthy features is Kingsoft Office makes it easy to share your documents with colleagues or friends. User can open Microsoft Word files in Writer and save the Writer documents as Word files effortlessly.

Export to PDF File Directly
A built-in Export to PDF feature allows you to convert your documents as PDF files by one-click. Convert documents, spreadsheets and presentations into this widely accepted format for quick and easy online distribution.

Lightest Installation
Kingsoft Office carries the lightest installation with approximately 50MB and provides the quickest application loading speed with merely 1 minutes to get it installed. No doubt that Kingsoft Office provides unbeatable cost-efficiency and benefit from minimal

Kingsoft Writer
Create your ideal document

Kingsoft Presentation
Preview an Impressive Slide Show

Kingsoft Spreadsheets
Strong Data Calculation Ability

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