Q-Dir 4.96

Q-Dir - free file manager with excellent chetyrehpanelnym interface and great opportunities to work with faylami.Q-Dir makes your work with folders and files very easy. Easy and fast, with an amazing Quadro-View technique. You do not have to give up easy, drag and other nice features of the system. Q-Dir gives you a huge number of useful features. You can save many unnecessary operations, and also time! The program has an original chetyrehpanelny interface, allowing to perform file operations to perform much faster in comparison with other managers. Q-Dir is working with the archive, defines the different colors of different types of files, supports drag & drop, working with clipboard, supports FTP. Q-Dir also lets you view images, presenting them as large icons, thumbnails, list, etc. Supported by the escort in XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML. File Manager can store links to quickly access a particular folder, and also has a special mode to preview files. In going into it for files generated by the thumbnails.

Key features:

• Q-Dir working with archives
• identifies different colors for various types of files,
• supports drag & drop,
• Q-Dir working with clipboard
• supports FTP,
• allows you to view images
• has built-in "magnifying glass", etc.
• supported escort in CSV, XLS, HTML, TXT.

Name of Program: Q-Dir
Software version: 4.96
Year: 2012
Language: Multi / Russian
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86/32-bit, x64/64-bit)
Treatment: not required
Size: 5.88 MB

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