Steganos Safe Full

Steganos Safe - secure storage of your confidential data in encrypted form. Made in Germany. Safely and not be breaking.

Steganos Safe - an ideal solution for everyone:
who need to protect your data from prying eyes - who wants to take advantage of the robust 256-bit AES encryption.
who need to store data in encrypted form, such as CD, DVD or Blu-Ray.
who need secure data transfer.
who need to securely store sensitive data such as TAN, PIN, etc. - Encrypt and hide, for example, in the photo.
who need to securely and permanently delete files using the Steganos Shredder.

Download the distribution itself . Get the key .
Below is a ready-made kit.

Operating System: Windows ® XP/Vista/7
Language: Multi (English)
Released: 2011
Size: 19.3 MB

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