HTTrack Website Copier 3.45-2 Full Activation

HTTrack Website Copier - Powerful program for creating copies of web sites on your hard drive for later viewing. HTTrack allows resuming interrupted downloads can make copies of the directory website and individual web pages, graphics and other files. In addition, the program can search for "mirror" the site server. Despite the fact that HTTrack Website Copier has many settings, this tool is simple to use and will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. The program has a multilingual interface, including the Russian language.

With this utility you can pump out a site with all the pictures and other documents. On the local disk to provide an identical site with all the internal structure. You can call this structure a "mirror site". Changes will be saved with relative addressing to other pages and documents. This tool is distinguished by the fact that a good handle PHP and other CGI-scripts, ie dynamically generated pages will also be injected. The program supports the resume pages and files after disconnection. The whole process of working with the utility, by setting before the download is broken down into individual steps that are available, even for novice users.

• Versions available for Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, and other Unix systems
• Multilingual Windows and Linux / Unix interface
• Free Software (GPL) (open source code given)
• User-selectable recursion levels
• Quickly updates downloaded sites and resumes interrupted downloads
• Filter by file type, link location, structure depth, file size, site size, accepted or refused sites or filename
• Timeout and minimum transfer rate manager to abandon slowest sites
• Wizard to specify which links must be loaded
• Multiple-connection mode (default: 4 connections) maximizes download speed
• HTTP compression (gzip..)
• Proxy support to maximize speed, with optional authentication
• Reget (resume) for partially transfered files (HTTP/1.1)
• File names with original structure kept or splitted mode, dos 8-3 filenames option and user-defined structure
• Automatic switch for "Moved" errors
• HTML parsing and tag analysis, including javascript code / embedded HTML code
• Basic java and Flash parsing
• Integrated DNS cache
• Native https and ipv6 support
• Native mms :/ / media streaming capture support
• Optional log file with error-log and comments-log
• User-specified paths for mirror and log files
• Works as a command-line program, or through a shell for both private or professionnal use

Changes in Version 3.45-1:
* Fixed: interrupting an update / continue mirror session should not delete anymore previously downloaded content (William Roeder, Alain Desilets and many others)
* Fixed: --continue/--update bug leading to download again already cached data in some cases (especially redirect / error pages)

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